Monday, August 22, 2011

Why a blog?

Years ago, my soon to be husband started calling me his little worker bee. 
I was working 60+ hours a week at jobs I had no passion for.  I simply focused on making enough money to pay the bills and feed our social life.  No aim, no goal, just buzzing along and surviving.  I was always exhausted...but I just kept on pushing.
I was also in a battle to lose weight.  To date, I have lost 120 lbs.  I still have another 50-80 lbs I would love to lose.
I receive a lot of questions about my weight loss and everything under the sun that surrounds it.  But I never felt like I had enough time to answer these questions fully.
I have since lost the job I despised and slowed down on the odd jobs that filled my free time. I have such joy in my life now and a zest for so many passions life has to offer.  My health and fitness have become priority.  I want to use this blog to talk about my weight loss journey and all the phenomenon it accompanies.  From the exercises I try, the music that moves me, to the restaurants I discover. Whatever seems important, whatever crosses my path...I want to discuss it here. 
And I hope you will discuss and share, as well.

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