Monday, May 7, 2012

Good Intentions

We are all full of them.  Good intentions.
The well intended yet soon neglected projects and ideas, books to read and movies to see, diets to stick to, lists of "to do", goals to attain, and hurdles to overcome.  I mean, who doesn't have an empty "storage and organizing container" or two, just sitting there, still waiting to be filled?
One of my consistently abandoned good intentions relentlessly orbits my journaling and writing projects.  I have dozens of half filled journals each reflecting a different time in my life.  The wanna be writer in me has started each of these in an effort to one day turn them into something of substance.
It turns out this blog quickly joined the ranks of my lonely journals.
To this I say, "NO MORE!"  My vision for this blog is to become a place of conversation, a place of sharing, a place of honest thought, and a place of accountability.
This dream will not manifest into something great unless I hold myself accountable. So I return, full of good intentions to share my journey with you and hear all about yours.
Do you know how I know it's different this time?  Because, yesterday, I fulfilled one of my goals. An intention that continually received the treatment. "I'll do it next year".  I completed my very first Half Marathon!!  No excuses, I set out to do it....and I did.  This is a very large check mark in my weight loss journey.  
What are some of your good intentions?  How to you intend on making them obtained goals?

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